adj., n., & v.
1 one only, not double or multiple.
2 united or undivided.
3 a designed or suitable for one person (single room). b used or done by one person etc. or one set or pair.
4 one by itself; not one of several (a single tree).
5 regarded separately (every single thing).
6 not married.
7 Brit. (of a ticket) valid for an outward journey only, not for the return.
8 (with neg. or interrog.) even one; not to speak of more (did not see a single person).
9 (of a flower) having only one circle of petals.
10 lonely, unaided.
11 archaic free from duplicity, sincere, consistent, guileless, ingenuous.
1 a single thing, or item in a series.
2 Brit. a single ticket.
3 a short pop record with one piece of music etc. on each side.
4 Cricket a hit for one run.
5 (usu. in pl.) a game with one player on each side.
6 an unmarried person (young singles).
7 sl. US a one-dollar note.
— (foll. by out) choose as an example or as distinguishable or to serve some purpose.
Phrases and idioms:
single acrostic see ACROSTIC. single-acting (of an engine etc.) having pressure applied only to one side of the piston. single-breasted (of a coat etc.) having only one set of buttons and buttonholes, not overlapping. single combat a duel. single cream thin cream with a relatively low fat-content. single cut (of a file) with grooves cut in one direction only, not crossing. single-decker esp. Brit. a bus having only one deck. single entry a system of bookkeeping in which each transaction is entered in one account only. single file a line of people or things arranged one behind another. single-handed adv.
1 without help from another.
2 with one hand.
1 done etc. single-handed.
2 for one hand. single-handedly in a single-handed way. single-lens reflex denoting a reflex camera in which a single lens serves the film and the viewfinder. single-line with movement of traffic in only one direction at a time. single parent a person bringing up a child or children without a partner. singles bar a bar for single people seeking company. single-seater a vehicle with one seat. single stick 1 a basket-hilted stick of about a sword's length.
2 one-handed fencing with this. single-tree US = SWINGLETREE.
singleness n. singly adv.
Etymology: ME f. OF f. L singulus, rel. to simplus SIMPLE

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